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Diary Extract by Leesa Perrie PG - (Parental Guidance)
An extract from 'The Diary of an Extraordinary Engineer (English Translation)'...

Declassification and the Dangers of Ego by Leesa Perrie PG - (Parental Guidance)
What if the Stargate Program was declassified?

Bridge of Tears by Leesa Perrie PG - (Parental Guidance)
Everyone needs time to grieve. Everyone needs friends to help them do so.

Intergalactic Cats: The Memo by Leesa Perrie PG - (Parental Guidance)
Part 4 of the Kitten Series. Rodney writes a memo about the kittens...!

Sheppard & Cash by ShadowWriter33 15+
The Wraith have been hard at it and Beckett finally orders the Team a few days...

The Guild by Leesa Perrie 15+
Kidnapped and experimented on, Rodney McKay is lost, alone and in pain, with...

Doubt by Leesa Perrie PG - (Parental Guidance)
Rodney knows he shouldn't doubt, and yet he can't help himself.

Trust Their Luck by Leesa Perrie PG - (Parental Guidance)
Part 3 of The Trust Series. A routine mission goes awry for Rodney and John.  

Sport of Kings by Leesa Perrie PG - (Parental Guidance)
Missing scenes and tag to 'Sunday'. The team are coming to terms with recent...

The Journey by Leesa Perrie 12+
A story in 5 parts. They say a journey begins with the first step, but this...

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Fragmented by Leesa Perrie 12+
Missing scene from The Hive. McKay in withdrawal. Nothing new, but it insisted...

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