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Lean On Me by Mckays Alter Ego [Responses - 2] [Report This]
Summary: What if Mckay and Sheppard were brothers?
Categories: None Characters: Beckett C, Caldwell S, Dex R, Emmagen Teyla, McKay R, Other, Sheppard J, Weir E, Zelenka R
Sometimes a Cold Comes in Handy by J Loves JS [Responses - 0] [Report This]

John's cold, serves the purpose of keeping him immune to Lucious Lavin's drug. But it certainly makes him feel like crap. What happens during the scenes on TV that we didn't get to see.

Categories: Missing Scenes, Episode Tags Characters: Beckett C, Dex R, Emmagen Teyla, McKay R, Sheppard J, Weir E
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction by Flossy [Responses - 0] [Report This]

Write a story using the following elements - Converse Sneakers, Zombies and a stuffed toy...

Categories: None Characters: Dex R, Emmagen Teyla, McKay R, Sheppard J