Reviews For Half an Hour
Reviewer: xukaimin Signed Date: 11/08/17 01:19 am Title: Half an Hour

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Reviewer: sameda Anonymous Date: 11/19/06 09:51 am Title: The Last Half an Hour

I really loved boths stories and I can't wait to rea more

Author's Response: I've not thought about these two in a long while. Glad you enjoyed them.

Reviewer: Jacobangel Anonymous Date: 10/27/06 04:12 pm Title: The Last Half an Hour

OMG! This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud so many times, I must have gotten some odd looks from people nearby at the faces I was making. *Grin* I can't immagine what the sober group thought when they finally got those doors open. And that bit about Stackhouse and the bra? Golden!

Author's Response: Thank you :-) I had a great time writing these two stories. So pleased you enjoyed them :-)

Reviewer: nebbyjen Signed Date: 08/31/06 04:36 pm Title: Half an Hour

Okay, I really liked that.  And all in half an hour.  Imagine what else could happen.....

Author's Response: I'm hoping you will write a fic and let us know what other damage they coudl cause in half an hour :-)

Reviewer: Magent13 Anonymous Date: 08/15/06 05:04 am Title: The Last Half an Hour

Video!LOL.....*snickers* I want know whats on the video, hmmm?

Author's Response: LOL! I think we can imagine :-) Poor Elizabeth won't have to imagine if she ever gets hold of it :-)

Reviewer: Delka Signed Date: 06/18/06 11:36 pm Title: The Last Half an Hour


Author's Response: Glad you liked this one :-)

Reviewer: Delka Signed Date: 06/18/06 11:35 pm Title: The Last Half an Hour


Author's Response: Looks like this came thru twice :-)

Reviewer: Delka Signed Date: 06/18/06 11:25 pm Title: Half an Hour

That was good.

Author's Response: Thank you :-)

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