Reviews For Best Laid Plan
Reviewer: Miyth Anonymous Date: 09/09/06 03:56 am Title: Drawing the Map

I'm glad to see there was a sequal! You need to finish the sequal to this one now ;) . These are some really cute stories, and I love the Carson/Rodney friendship!

Reviewer: Miyth Anonymous Date: 09/09/06 03:37 am Title: Best Laid Plan

Tell me that's not it!! You need to finish it! Carson didn't even answer Rodney! Ahh! Please continue!

Author's Response:

It's continued in Drawing the Map :)


Reviewer: nebbyjen Signed Date: 08/31/06 02:13 pm Title: Best Laid Plan

Just curious, but is there more to this?  You can't kill off Carson, it's against the fic writers code of ethics. Save him! Save him! LOL

Author's Response:

:) I continued this in another fic, called Drawing the Map. It's posted here, as well :)

I have to figure out how to fix the stories/series mess I've created. 

Reviewer: nebbyjen Signed Date: 07/01/06 05:50 pm Title: Drawing the Map

Very nice. Waiting to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you :) Working on it.

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