Reviews For Maybe I'm Dead, I Just Haven't Stopped Moving Yet
Reviewer: xukaimin Signed Date: 11/09/17 12:57 am Title: Chapter 2

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Reviewer: xukaimin Signed Date: 11/08/17 01:21 am Title: Chapter 1


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Reviewer: nlgatefan Anonymous Date: 02/21/07 08:28 am Title: Chapter 28

Just found this update, and it's wonderful!  The reunions, both with Radek and with the rest of his team were  memorable; the scene with Ronon was priceless!  You really could write for this show, as your characters are exactly as we know them to be.  I'd suspected all along that this was what would happen, but the way you've woven this story, it's been even more rewarding to read than I expected!  A genuine treat in every way!  Thank you!

Reviewer: Brogue Anonymous Date: 02/12/07 06:41 am Title: Chapter 28

Fantastic as usual but your formatting has gone screwy making this v. difficult to read.

Reviewer: Brogue Anonymous Date: 01/28/07 03:03 pm Title: Chapter 27

Hurrah!  Hurrah!  At last.  Thank you!

Reviewer: RecycledFunk Signed Date: 12/27/06 07:23 pm Title: Chapter 25

I love McKay but sometimes I want to smack him.  Go Home!  Sheesh.  Some geniuses are just plain stupid.  Great fic so far!

Reviewer: tazmy Anonymous Date: 12/11/06 04:37 am Title: Chapter 23

There is a wonderful subtelty in their relationship that you capture perfectly.

Reviewer: Brown Eyes/zzKat_Ellis Anonymous Date: 12/03/06 02:02 pm Title: Chapter 1

Loved it.  Need more.  Please.  Thank you.

Reviewer: Brown Eyes Anonymous Date: 11/20/06 03:40 pm Title: Chapter 21

Great stuff.  Looking forward to more.  How much more in there?  Kat.

Reviewer: Brown Eyes Anonymous Date: 11/12/06 03:46 pm Title: Chapter 20

Oh no!!!!  I thought this was going to be the last chapter...  You evil person!!!  You must post more soon.  Please and I didn't mean what I said earlier, you are a very nice person who is going to post more of this excellent story VERY soon.  Please? **in small voice** please??

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