Reviews For Rodney's Mermaid Adventure
Reviewer: Danni Anonymous Date: 11/07/06 05:56 pm Title: Want a turtle? How about a Mermaid?

This is purely delightful! I feel very sorry for Carson, but I loved the networking of scientists and marines to get things done on the QT.

Elizabeth I don't feel so sorry for, she needs to loosen up. I also liked the way you kept (to me) all the guys in character, admittedly the lighter side of their characters but it was still recognisably them none the less.

Looking forward to the next one :)

Reviewer: nebbyjen Signed Date: 11/07/06 08:17 am Title: Want a turtle? How about a Mermaid?

Taz, these turtle stories of yours are so dang cute!  Again, can't even imagine where you get your ideas from but I loved McKay and the mermaid!  Well done.

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