Declassification and the Dangers of Ego by Leesa Perrie

What if the Stargate Program was declassified?

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1. 1 of 1 by Leesa Perrie

1 of 1 by Leesa Perrie

Declassification and the Dangers of Ego

by Leesa Perrie

At last declassification meant that he could get the credit he deserved for his work in Atlantis. The scientific discoveries he had been involved in - plus the danger to his own self that he had endured so as to advance said scientific discoveries - would surely win him many accolades. At the very least, the Nobel Prize should be his - along with a medal for all the lives he had saved!

After all, who was it who had worked out how to push a puddlejumper through a stargate, that time one had been trapped? Him, of course!

And who was it who had picked up a transmission from an alternate universe - one that the ZPM powered hiveship had also picked up - without which Earth would have been unprepared for an attack? Him again!

Oh yes, he deserved a medal, a Nobel and much, much more for both his courage and his work. And he was going to make sure the world knew all about it.

Typing into his computer, he started with a title page:

The Truth about Atlantis

by Dr Peter Kavanagh

The End

(unless someone wants to write the biography?)

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