Atlantean Blue by Purpleyin
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Summary: She can never find time alone, and now she realises it's a blessing in disguise, and maybe she won't die after all. Weir whumping and McKay/Weir friendship.
Rated: 12+
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Genres: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
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Published: 01/28/07 Updated: 01/28/07

1. Reflections by Purpleyin [Reviews - 0] (2162 words)
Spoilers: “Before I Sleep” and “The Gift” only, I think, such brief mentions.

This has been mulling around for weeks almost done. I'm glad to have finally finished it, with the help of Fanwoman, Ellex and LittleKnux who kindly betaread it. Also my first attempt at (Weir) whumping.