Strangers in Paradise by karrenia
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Summary: The Earth and our universe went boom and the last best refuge is the Atlantis Base in the Pegasus Galaxy. Among the refugees rescued through the gate is a rather unusual young man.   Crossover with Highlander: the Series
Rated: U - Universal
Categories: WIP (Work in Progress) Characters: Beckett C
Genres: Alternate Universe
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Word count: 5945 Read: 919
Published: 09/16/07 Updated: 11/03/07

1. no matter where you go, there you are by karrenia [Reviews - 0] (2291 words)

orginally written for meredevochan in the live journal community, fic on demand.

2. Looking for Cracks in the Pavement by karrenia [Reviews - 0] (3654 words)
also written and posted for the livejournal community crossovers100, prompt #80 island