The Journey by Leesa Perrie
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A story in 5 parts. They say a journey begins with the first step, but this was one journey Rodney would have preferred to miss. Crossover with SG1 in parts 3 & 4. Set after 'Tao of Rodney'/'The Shroud'.

Rated: 12+
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Crossover, Friendship
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Published: 11/17/09 Updated: 11/17/09
Story Notes:

Atlantis and SG1 crossover and very slightly AU. Set a short time after Tao of Rodney (SGA) and The Shroud (SG1). SG1 turn up in Parts Three and Four.

Warnings for claustrophobic situations and remembered torture.

This was started pre-Season 4 and as such, although I have tried to make some alterations to the Daniel and Rodney element in this story, it doesn't quite fall into the working dynamic we see in Season 5's 'First Contact'/'The Lost Tribe' episodes. I had chosen when writing this story to intimate that the two of them got on 'reasonably' well, all things considered, after working together in Antarctica for a few weeks/months. This is only one reason for the story being very slightly AU, the other you'll have to read to find out.

Also, there is a debate amongst some writers as to where Rodney's apartment, seen in Season 1's 'Home', is actually located as it is not clear from the episode. For the ease of the plot, I have decided to locate it in Colorado Springs, though I suspect it's actually more likely to be near Area 51.

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