Sport of Kings by Leesa Perrie
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Missing scenes and tag to 'Sunday'. The team are coming to terms with recent events.

Rated: PG - (Parental Guidance)
Categories: Complete Stories, Episode Tags, Missing Scenes Characters: Dex R, Emmagen Teyla, McKay R, Sheppard J
Genres: Angst, Friendship
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Word count: 2436 Read: 744
Published: 01/02/10 Updated: 01/02/10
Story Notes:

Missing scenes/tag for ‘Sunday’. Written for sga_santa on LiveJournal, for wildcat88. She wanted team, action, Rodney and/or John whump with bonus points for mystery/suspense. Um, well, it’s sort of teamy. And angst is a form of emotional whump, isn’t it? So, two out of four’s not bad!!

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Tissue warning issued, to be on the safe side!!