Sheppard & Cash by ShadowWriter33
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The Wraith have been hard at it and Beckett finally orders the Team a few days off after Sheppard receives a concussion. MENSA wasn’t the only thing the colonel could’ve been, as McKay and everyone is soon to find out. Takes place some time after ‘Common Ground’.

Rated: 15+
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Published: 07/20/10 Updated: 07/24/10
Story Notes:

This was my first finished and published fanfic that I first posted on Nobody boo'ed me out over it so I decided to try posting it here as well. I have no medical knowledge so please forgive any mistakes.

Also I couldn't get the warnings box to work so they are posted here.

WARNINGS: There are mentions of torture, mild language, and a list of unpleasent ways to die.

SPOILERS: For everything up to Common Ground.

1. Chapter 1 by ShadowWriter33 [Reviews - 2] (4756 words)