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I'm pretty new to fanfic but recently got up the courage to post a couple stories on and decided to give this site a try because I like the idea of a cleaner enviroment.

I have this secret identity

about which nobody knows,

Cause I like to write stories

about my favorite shows.


The people who know me would say

it’s not practical to do,

But what’s wrong with doing something

that brings enjoyment to you?


On the rare occasions when my life

 isn’t hyper-hectically spinning,

There’s nothing I love more than

a new story to be penning.


So when I can, I write in the shadows

 where no one else can see,

Few people would imagine that

I’m Shadow Writer thirty three.

Thanks & God Bless,



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Sheppard & Cash by ShadowWriter33 Rated: 15+ [Reviews - 2]
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The Wraith have been hard at it and Beckett finally orders the Team a few days off after Sheppard receives a concussion. MENSA wasn’t the only thing the colonel could’ve been, as McKay and everyone is soon to find out. Takes place some time after ‘Common Ground’.

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